Housesitting and the Creative Life

In the last post, we mentioned that one way we pay our bills to fund our travels and our housesitting lifestyle is by teaching English online. This helps us ensure that we will have a consistent amount of money that we can count on each month. Here, we’ll talk a bit about our other (less consistent!) jobs: writing books.

Both of us are professional writers. Heather has published a number of critically acclaimed YA novels. She has received awards and recognition for her writing, and her most recent novel, Bad Romance, made the 2018 YALSA list of Best Fiction for Young Adults. Zach is excited that his first novel, American Magic, finally has a release date: it is coming from Simon and Schuster in summer, 2019.

dear heartbreak new final

In December, both of us will both appear in an anthology edited by Heather called Dear Heartbreak. The book takes letters from real teens and pairs them with responses from notable YA writers. These writers draw deeply from their own experiences of heartbreak to offer teens their hard-won wisdom…and the hope that there is life after loss.

Long-term housesitting is ideal for the creative spirit. It enables us to travel while also providing a home base to return to—meaning that it satisfies the hunger that we creatives have for new experiences, while offering the stability required to actually produce creative work. It also limits time- and money-consuming distractions by stripping life down to its essence—if it doesn’t fit in your suitcase, it doesn’t get to come along.

We don’t know what the future holds for us on this particular road, or how long we’ll be living this way. We don’t know what kind of writing it will yield, or what inspiration we may draw from the new experiences, people, and places we’re exposed to every day. But, with our pens in hand and our laptops powered up, we are training in openness. Thanks for coming along with us!

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