We will try to keep these up to date, and add newly relevant links as they come up for us. Drop us a line to let us know if there’s something outdated or missing here!

Housesitting Sites (*note that these sites operate on paid annual subscriptions*)                                                                                                                     
Trusted Housestitters – the most comprehensive and, well, trusted site going

Nomador – smaller, but great for sits on the European continent (particularly France)

Housecarers – smaller still, but every now and then a great opportunity comes along…

Housesitters America – this is the only site listed here that we haven’t actually booked a sit with yet, but seems to have a good reputation and lots available

One SimCard – what we use for our international calling and data
IMG Int’l Health Insurance – this is what we have; the price is right, but so far we haven’t tested the ease of obtaining care and reimbursement for expenses, etc.
Long-term auto storage – if you’re leaving a car behind, learn how to keep it in good repair for when you return

All about the Schengen Zone – lots of good info about European visa requirements (from another savvy travel couple)

VIPKID – Zach teaches English lessons online for this China-based company

Expat Living
Mindfulness for Writers – Heather’s other site: learn to de-stress and be present for your travels
World Time Buddy – a visually clear and super helpful site for coordinating meetings or calls across time zones, answering the constant travel question, “Wait, what time is it in ____ again??”

Scott’s Cheap Flights – this subscription-based site gives keeps you posted about sales, “mistake” fares, and other great, blink-and-you’ll-miss-’em deals

Other People Doing Cool Stuff
Wild We Wander – we don’t know these two, we just like their style

Digital Nomadery
Digital Nomad Resources – here are a ton of links you may find useful

Other Long-Term Live Abroad Options