About Us

Hey! We’re Heather Demetrios and Zach Fehst. We’ve been married for fourteen years and recently left our home in New York City to start an extended journey of international housesitting.

Both of us are professional writers, and Zach is also a licensed and certified English as a Second Language teacher. Zach habla español fluido and we both speak un peu français.

We hit our mid-thirties recently (!!!) and realized it was the perfect time to start a new chapter in our lives. Housesitting is ideal for us because we’re both travelers and homebodies by nature, so the idea of going far away and then settling in somewhere for a while suits us perfectly.

We’re addicted to travel. It’s our favorite thing to do together. We’ve already visited 30 countries, and the bucket list keeps growing. We enjoy immersing ourselves in other cultures, and haven’t had any trouble making friends with locals or navigating new places. Travel also gives us great story ideas, and allows us to do research for current (and future) projects!

As digital nomads, our schedules are very flexible and we can work from anywhere with a good WiFi connection. This allows us to have new experiences while still tending to our work, opening us up for long stretches of rent-free housesitting. We love feeling like we’re at home while also exploring new areas. So far, we have done housesits in New York City, in France, and in the UK, and we are looking forward with excitement to the upcoming travel we have already arranged for the rest of 2018 and into 2019. These include homes in Switzerland, Morocco, and Turkey.

As the description says, this is a site with advice for housesitters (or would-be housesitters) as well as fun pics and stories for armchair explorers. Come along with us!

Learn more about Heather and Zach on their own author sites, zachfehst.com and heatherdemetrios.com.

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